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LMF has commissioned New York based composer, Clint Edwards, to arrange the beloved “Moonlight” Sonata by Beethoven from its original piano version, to string quartet.  Although potentially considered controversial, throughout history, it has been common practice to take popular works of the time, and arrange them so that they may be heard in as many settings as possible (Liszt arrangements of Kreisler, Rachmaninoff arrangements of Paganini, Kreisler arrangements of just about everyone, etc.).  In fact, Beethoven’s Eroica symphony was arranged for piano quartet quite successfully and is today often featured in concerts.

Needless to say, the piano is capable of creating certain sounds that a string quartet simply can not, and vice versa; therefor the idea is not to simply replicate the piano sonata by copy pasting the score and dividing it among four different instruments, but rather to interpret and recompose the work with a string quartet in mind, as if Beethoven intended it that way.

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