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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Echoes of Hope

Throughout organizing our October 19th event, Echoes of Hope, our primary objective was to pay tribute to the incredible people that suffered through the Holocaust.  This meant extending the program to its limits incorporating works that many of the musicians have never even heard of, sparing no expense having invited 5 musicians to fly in from New York and 2 joining from Chicago….and then there was the question of the poster.

For us the poster should not simply be a flyer describing details, but should embody the message which we are trying to deliver with the concert; in this case, we realized that putting pictures of musicians and writing words wasn’t going to do the event justice.  So we commissioned a brand new painting from renowned Chicago artist, Lev Kublanovwhich we would use as the primary image of our official concert poster.  Kublanov is a versatile Russian artist whose work can be seen in private collections and public exhibits in the USA, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland, France, and Japan.

David Lisker, LMF artistic director and creator of this project, described to Kublanov what message the concert should carry:

“This event is meant to celebrate the music of these brilliant individuals, who were robbed of the opportunity to live out their lives, and to realize their potentials.  But what is truly astonishing, and what is evident in the music that people will hear, is that even in the darkest moments, they were able to use music to escape their prisons, and find peace; creating works that truly reaffirm hope in humanity.”

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