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March 2020 / April 29


Sunday, March 22nd @ 7:30 PM 

General Seating: $30

Seats offered at a first come, first serve basis.

VIP Seating: $40

Guaranteed seating in

the preferred section.

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The year 2020 marks the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most celebrated composers of all time. 

Beethoven lived his life as a continual outpouring of creativity and expression. His works resound with emotion, strength, and wit. This music has become so familiar to us now that it can be difficult to comprehend how wildly revolutionary it seemed to his audiences.

Beethoven’s fascination with heroism is hardly surprising when you consider his life. Despite his introspection and struggles, Beethoven maintained his optimism, and it is in this period mainly 1803-1804 that he composed his "Eroica Symphony" No. 3, a grand work of epic scope which widely considered as an important landmark in the transition between the Classical period and the  Romantic era. 



Beethoven: Spring Sonata

for violin & piano

Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata,

for piano

Beethoven: Eroica Symphony

arranged for piano quartet



David Lisker, violin

Chloé Thominet, viola

Yves Dharamraj, cello

Larry Weng, piano

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